Terms & Conditions

AIBS Bareboat Charter packages are based on the Charter Party Contract which is the official charter contract in Greece

Cancellation fees are calculated depending on period of time between the date of cancellation and departure date, according to the charter contract.

A down payment is required by bank's transfer to our account as soon as we sign the charter contracts.This can be done by our on line booking system

A Security deposit has to be paid prior to embarkation, which varies according to the size of the yacht. Every yacht is comprehensively insured (against damage to the hull, machinery and/or equipment), including third Party cover, beyond a deductible excess figure.The refundable Security Deposit is held against the yachts insurance excess and in the event of damage to the yacht or loss of equipment, the estimated value for repairs and replacement with original is withheld from your security deposit and the balance is returned to you.

Embarking at 17.00 p.m., disembarking at 09.00 a.m. Yacht should be returned to the base the day before the end of the charter period, latest 18.00 p.m.Our starting & ending day is Saturday.